026 – famous last words

Posted by on October 5, 2009


  • Charles says:

    This is so funny. I was talking to Sandrine my Chinese Phd history student buddy, who lives opposite me and is a bit anti US. I was saying that the movie content or TV content from the US is the best in the world and easily the best ever. Apropos The Wire, Fast Forward, Lost etc…Unsurpassed craftsmanship and we both agreed. Ha.

  • Jason says:

    Yeah, in my first sketch I had China laughing at the US and then the US using free speech and movies as a retort. None of it’s directly connected but small differences in infrastructure/governance tend to create unintended ripple effects.

    Speaking of which, got hooked on Mad Men recently 🙂

  • FA says:

    “TV content from the US is the best in the world and easily the best ever”… lol! is that part of the irony of this site?


  • Braden says:

    @3:35 The damrcoetic plan is to send all that dirty air and dirty water over to China instead with there cap and no trade.

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