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  • Jason Li says:

    Hello all, thanks for coming.

    Since I’ve used a nice, flippable image gallery above, note that all comments apply to the entire series, not individual strips. (So if you’re posting a comment about a certain strip, put down the number or title please.)

  • maria fe says:

    niiiiice! i dont know why i had the slackers corner very well pictured… very descriptive… or so i’ve heard!!!

  • M says:

    my favourite is #8!!!

  • Juan says:

    LOL i like #17…can so relate to it

  • Philo says:

    Great idea Jason! I love your reflections! 🙂

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  • #3 says:

    I love it! Well done..
    Nice ears on slide #8


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    About this work

    I recently took time off after three years of working for three years. To distance myself from who I was at work, and as an exercise in reflection, I created this.

    The original pieces are drawn with a Lamy fountain pen and a non-branded color pencils in a 5"x4" Muji notebook.

    - Jason Li, January 2010.